A question about snowflake credentials


Hi, we recently added Snowflake as a provider. We’ve been using BigQuery and Elastic before that. With Elasticsearch we don’t need any authentication type so far and BigQuery uses OAuth.

Snowflake on the other hand shows custom a login form that is not OAuth (as I though it would be initially) and the authentication is persisted since everytime I reload or close/open the page I’m still authenticated. Just a concern I would like to know how (and where) is Snowflake storing the credentials?


Hi @oliver. Snowflake does not store the credentials (user and password) but the token, and it is stored in the localStorage. This token is as any other valid for sometime, that’s why the session is still open. When the token is expired you will see the login form again.


That’s actually cool. My question was also driven by the fact that Dremio asks for user and password when you register a new provider in Studio and it won’t ask for it anymore. As I said we only use BigQuery and ES for now, but since Snowflake is a little bit more sensitive I wanted to be sure on that.