Avoid users from applying filters


Hi all. Basically my question is: Can I restrict some users from applying filters when they click a visualization while others can?

Let’s say that I have a dashboard that can be accessed almost completely by 2 users: A and B. User A can analyze the data y applying filters when clicking the data in Bars, Donuts, Trends…etc, while user B is in read-only mode for most of the visualizations, so when it clicks them no filter will be applied.

My initial intention is to place some sort of overlay above the visualizations depending on the logged user so they can be clickable or not, but this is some sort of a hack. Can this be done from ChartFactor natively or maybe with an easier hack?


Maybe this could help: Filter visuals under external conditions


The solution @gen_dev pointed out is the best in my mind. Another option could be to apply rules and filter conditions to the Interaction manager as well:

let condition = function(filter, visualization) {
    let result = { execute: true, client: false }

    // Any logic here that modifies the "execute" properties
    return result;

More info about this here.


Yes, @gen_dev solution fitted perfectly. But good to know the other alternative as well. Thank you both.