Can't add a Time Slider to Studio


Hi guys, I’m having an issue that I have no idea on how to fix: I’m building a dashboard in Studio, I’ve been able to add trends other charts, but the Time Slider is not listed to be added. Do I need to enable something or maybe the required library for this component is missing? If the last is the case how do I add it?


If you add the Interaction Manager does it works well? If that’s the case then is not a library issue. If on the other hand if you are receiving an error in the developer tools could you please post it?

The other thing that comes to my mind is your time fields. Open one of your Trend charts and click the info button (the circle with the “i”) and check the original type of the field, maybe they are not type but integers.


Hi @eduardo, hollidays in the middle! lol. No, I don’t see any errors in the console and also the Interaction Manager works well. I think the problem is related with what you mentioned about the time fields. I checked and they are not actually time, but integers (years). I’m a bit confused however since I’m able to add Trend charts using that year field and they behave really well. Is this not possible with the Time Slider then?


Trend is mainly used for time, but technically is possible to group by any field other than time fields. For the case of integers representing years, ChartFactor will handle them as time if possible. THis is not the case of the Time Slider which strictly works with time.

In that case if you don’t have time fields then you would need to create a derived field for time. See this forum entry: How to create a derived field for time and docs. Alternatively, you could update your dataset on your data engine.


I had the same issue, good that I found the entry. I also have a simple dataset with years, but they are numbers. The solution from @eduardo worked perfectly: I was able to add a time slider visualization to the dashboard.

One problem however: I’m selecting ranges in the Time Slider but nothing happens, I mean the yellow window in the time slider adjust perfectly, but I was expecting for it to filter the visuals for that year.

My derived field pretty much look like this: How to create a derived field for time.


@william did u have the same problem?


Hi @oliver, you only need to specify a reverse function as I mentioned in the same thread. Check out here on how to add it to your derived field. Basically is a function that translates from derived to original value.