Can't connect to Dremio


Hello everyone. I’m having the following problem: I have a Dremio setup that connects to different data sources like Elastic, HDFS and Mongo. Here we are using ChartFactor Studio to build dashboards mainly from Elasticsearch, but since it supports Dremio I tried to build one as well, so I get to configure the provider, but when trying to connect (clicking the Data Sources menu) I get this:


I’m using Dremio 4.0.1, CE.


Hi @aldrid84. Is hard to tell with that little information. Did you try connecting directly to your Dremio server? Make sure that is up and running and is not hanged.

Also, can you open the developer tools also and check for any errors? They will be very helpful in this case.


Of course, I forgot to include the extra information. Btw Dremio server is up and running and we can access it without any issues. I got these two errors in the console:

It reads about Network Error

And this one is the other


I see, so it’s a CORS issue. We’ve faced this issue with Dremio since it doesn’t support cross origin requests.

There are several ways to overcome this issue, the first one is to disable CORS validation from the browser. For example Safari allows to disable from the menu (you can google about this option) , Chrome requires to be started with a security flag disabled.

The other option is to set up your Dremio server behind a reverse proxy in the same domain, and then point ChartFactor to that proxy.


I had the same issue, luckily we have Studio hosted in the same server. But for my tests I had to start Chrome everytime with the --disable-web-security flag, which is a pain since you have to kill every Chrome instance you have running to disable the CORS validation.

I’m interested on how I can configure a reverse proxy to make this work. What would you recommend @eduardo?


I’m running Windows so no Safari. After googling for a while I was able to understand how to start Chrome with the security disabled , so I could use Dremio.

Now the problem is that is a real pain to close Chrome, with all tabs open everytime I need to do this. I don’t have Dremio locally but in a remote server. As @aldrid84 asked, can you point us on how you configured Dremio to work with this reverse proxy @eduardo?


We are currently using Ngnix as a reverse proxy. We use both, Dremio and Ngnix with Docker containers. So we put together a simple docker-compose.yaml that do all the work.

Notice that nginx is running on port 8090 and is pointing to Dremio through its classic port (9047). Change these ports if you need to.

Btw, here a little bit more info in ChartFactor’s documentation about Dremio CORS issue.