Changing between different set of filters


I recently had a presentation where I had to share some insights from a Studio application. Each of the insights required a different set of filters (about 4 or 5 filters applied in a very specific order). To avoid recreating the filters everytime and thus making the presentation too long, I created different dashboards following this:

This was pretty useful, but I wonder if there is a better way to do this.


Hi @sandip. Yes, there’s actually a better way to do it that was introduced in version 1.17. The feature is called Saved Filters, you can check the documentation for details.

This was introduced after several users asked for this feature. By exporting/importing dashboards is still useful when the changes you need are other than filters like drill-ins, metadata… etc.


Thanks! Awesome feature! I really don’t know how this was not implemented from the beginning lol.


Something I find myself doing a lot is changing the attributes of some visualizations to show different points, well actually my best thing is to have them opened in different tabs in the browser and It works pretty well, but just as a curiosity: Is there any chance this is going to be implemented in the future? I mean something like this new saved filters feature but for the other items you mentioned so I can quickly switch between these states?


@jasouvec Well, in the case of the filters, as I mentioned to @sandip, it was a very demanded feature. Doing frequent changes for other types of interactions is not too common since they usually are configured once.

The specific case you mention about changing attributes to different visuals so you can show different insights sounds to me as job for Superman! (kidding, just a comic fan here…) It really sounds as a what you need is the Field Selector. Please check out this thread, that will probably fit your use case.


How could I miss that!! Thanks! I had no idea about the Field Selector. I’ll have to pay more attention next time to the release notes.