Chartfactor Quickstart Error


Hi, I’m new to Chartfactor and started learning this tool. I was following instructions from the chart factor documentation to visualize my first graph and I was getting in error when I try to open the HTML file. In the console I see the error to be as follows Please help me understand and resolve my error. THanks in advance

SCRIPT5009: SCRIPT5009: ‘cf’ is not defined


Hi @Sai_Raghava_Ethuri. cf is the main ChartFactor object that is loaded as soon as you include the cftoolkit library in your html file:

<script src="cftoolkit.min.js"></script>

Make sure that the library path is correct and that is loaded before any usage of the cf object. This means that if you are using an external javascript file or <script> tags where the cfobject is invoked, the cftoolkit.min.js has to be already loaded.

I hope it helps.



I noticed the Download link provided in our Installation page points to an older ChartFactor version. We went ahead and re-generated the documentation. Please use this Download link to download ChartFactor:

Use the Community’s Free Download button

The rest of the instructions are all good. Let us know if you have any additional questions.