ChartFactor Studio License?


Hello community, I have in mind a project that includes the visualization of data from several data sources simultaneously and needs to be flexible so that users are able to create their own dashboards. For that propose, it would be a great help to include ChartFactor Studio with minimal integration adjustments. I wonder if ChartFactor Studio has a community version? Can I access the Studio code if I own a ChartFactor Toolkit license? or I need to buy a separate license? Thank you.


hi @bob, our ChartFactor Studio Community Access is free for everyone to use on the web. Note that Studio Community is a client-side application with no server backend. Data lives only on your machine/browser, no data is sent to any server. If you would like to deploy Studio on-premise, please fill-in this form: or send an email to Btw, in our next release (1.12), we will make available the ChartFactor Studio CLI Tool that allows you to generate your own standalone web apps based on Studio Data Applications. That could be an alternative solution. Best Regards.