Column stat visibility


Hello, i need to show the column stats but just for some specific column not all of them, so my question is, there ir a way to render just the column statistics that i want?


Hey @ralf actually we recently added a function for that, you can take a look here showColumnStat(column, show), an example:

const viz = cf.getVisualization('my-table');
viz.get('showColumnStat')('my-column', false);

Or, maybe you can just define that at the beginning using the property show:

.set("columnStats", {
    enabled: true,
    widgetProps: [
            field: 'my-column',
            props: {
                show: true // if false the column stat is not going to be rendered, true by default


@emoya thank you so much, in order to make things easier i just use the declarative way and it works good for me, i love this :smiley: