Custom column filter


Hello, i tried the Raw data table column filters feature and it is awesome, but… i need to use my custom filter ui, so… my question is, how can i implement my custom filter component and apply a filter with it just for the Raw data table?


Hi @ralf actually there is a way to do that, remember that the RDT is an ag-grid based visualization, so you can use the ag-grid features like the custom component, just take a look at the documentation of the custom-component, you just have to create a custom class and the use it in the column filter that you want, like this simple-filter example, inside the class you have to use the doesFilterPass and isFilterActive functions to make it work as you need


I tried and it looks great, actually i apply a custom filter only for the Raw data table not in the Interaction manager, so… thank you so much i think this is really powerful.


Sure, just don’t forget to review the docs, there are so many examples in the demo section