Derived field filtering


Hey community, i hope you can help me with a filtering problem, the situation is: I have a derived field used from other source like this:

const companyCodeByName = {
    name: 'company_code',
    label: 'company_code',
    type: 'ATTRIBUTE',
    dependencies: ['company_name'],
    reverse: (item) => {
        const filters = cf.getIManager().get('api').getFilters();
        const nameFilter = filters.find((f) => f.getLabel() === 'Company Name');
        const companyName = nameFilter && nameFilter .getValue()[0];
        return getCompanyCodeByName(companyName, item);
    function: (item) => {
        let name = item.companyNames[0];

        return name;

And in my main source i have this field definition in the metadata:

"MainSource": {
        fields: {
            company_name:  {
                label: 'Company Name',
                type: 'ATTRIBUTE',
            company_code: {
                label: 'Company Code',
                type: 'ATTRIBUTE',

When I try to apply a filter selecting the company code from my derived field the widgets with my main source are not filtered.
I did something wrong?

Labels handling for derived fields

Hi @dani i don’t know what exactly you want to do here but the first thing that i can see is your labels definition, the company code label for the derived field is different than the main source company code field. Remember this: if you wan to apply filters across the different sources you need to have the same labels for the common fields like the company_code field, I hope I’ve helped, let me know if that is the solution or maybe you could be more specific with your issue.


Well, yeah that was the solution, it works for me you have the reason after take a look at the documentation i noticed that the labels need to be the same to filter across multiple sources with common fields, thanks for the help, appreciate it, :slight_smile: