Derived fields not working in Table


Hi everyone. Well, basically that’s my issue. I have defined a couple of derived fields to process states, counties and other codes. When I try them in a Bars visualization they render, but I can’t make them work (they never render) in the Raw Data Table visualization.

Just in case I’m leaving here the definition for one of them:

cont stateMap = {
  'AL' : 'Alabama',
  'AK' : 'Alaska',
const state_derived = {
  'name': 'state_derived',
  'label': 'State Derived',
  'type': 'ATTRIBUTE',
  'dependencies': ['state_code'],
  'reverse': (derived) => {
      let index = Object.values(stateMap).indexOf(derived);
      let result = Object.keys(stateMap)[index];
      return result;
  'function': (code) => {
        let stateStr = stateMap[code];
        return stateMap[code] ? stateMap[code] : code;


Raw Data Table is, as the name states, for raw data. Derived fields can’t be shown there. I think there is a way however to format fields that are listed in your table, but not sure if this can be used as some kind of “derived” field.


Actually, cell value formatting can be used in some cases as a derived field. Take the raw value, process it and then display:

    const formatter = {
        fields: 'ALL',
        format: function (field, value) {
            if (field === 'state_code') {
                let stateStr = stateMap[code];
                return {
                    value: `<div>${stateStr}</div>`
            return {}


This is great! @lennydev, this solved my problem! Thanks.