Error: A provider is required


Hi everyone, I’m completely new with ChartFactor. I’ve followed part of the tutorial and so far so good. I’m putting together a very simple app but starting with the wrong foot already: I’m creating a simple Pie visualization but when I load my index.html file I get this:


I’m using elasticsearch, the server is running… I’ve been checking and everything seems to be in place, but I keep getting this.


I think your problem was answered here: Error loading providers


Hi @wolverine and welcome to the ChartFactor community. Please make sure to do a quick search before posting, is very likely you’ll find a similar issue to yours.

In this case as the post that @lennydev pointed out says: The problem is you are missing to define your provider and use the cf.setProviders function to register it. In case you did please check the name matches the one used in your query.


Agree, thanks for the indications @lennydev and the clarifications @eduardo. It turns out that I had a similar issue: An extra space was in the name I used to register the provider that was not in the aql declaration. Thanks again and I promise I’ll check out better next time. :grin: