Error with some tables when using the Raw Data Table with BigQuery


I am using the Raw Data Table to render a couple of tables. In one of them, I get this message: “Raw Data Table: Resources exceeded during query execution. Reduce the number of fields to query.” How can I fix this issue?

Thanks in advance.


Even though BigQuery executes queries on multiple nodes, there are some queries that require all the data on a single node. You see this error when the node resources are exceeded. BigQuery responds to the query with the message below, visible if you open the network tab of your browser:

“Resources exceeded during query execution: The query could not be executed in the allotted memory. Peak usage: 151% of limit.\nTop memory consumer(s):\n sort operations used for analytic OVER() clauses”

Fortunately, you can remove this error by using the setting below:

.set(“showRowNumber”, false)

let myChart = myData.graph(“Raw Data Table”)
.set(“showRowNumber”, false)
.set(“autoSizeColumns”, true)

The setting above removes the row number column from the table, also removing the need of the analytic OVER() class. You still can see all the data columns you need and also you can infinite-scroll the table as needed.