Full data not being loaded


Hi everyone. I’m having the following issue with the Geo Map: I’m loading in the map the locations for people matching a financial criteria. In some locations I’ve noticed that the max value (max amount of people) loaded is 1000:

But there is actually about 5k locations in that area. I checked the value with a KPI. Is possible to render more than 1k?


Maybe you are missing the limit. By default is 1000 I think, I think is .set('limit', 5000) to set a higher limit.


Actually limit is set like this:



Yeah that fixed my problem! thanks.


I had a similar issue and this thread was my salvation. Now I’m facing a different issue. It turns out that I start zooming in by clicking the clusters, until I reach a point where it shows all the pins under the cluster:


As you can see the cluster had 12 pins, the other had 1082. Then I clicked one of those pins in the spiral to apply a filter based on that location (by latitude and longitude). To my big surprise this is what I had then after the filter:

I mean, I’m filtering by one specific lat and long and then from having 12 points I now have 4k which doesn’t make any sense and I really have no idea of what is going on here.


Really weird, is hard to tell only with this information. Can you confirm there were not other filters being applied/removed? Can you do some data exploration, like in a Raw Data Table maybe?


Yeah, I double checked the visualization and don’t have any other filter applied. I added a Raw Data Table as you suggested and the crazies thing is that the numbers match!


Still don’t get why the map doesn’t show the 4438 items from the very beginning and it only updates the to the right value after the filter.


So the data is correct. I’m checking with an example (actually I think is the same source… are you using Chicago Taxi Trips from our ES server?), and I have an idea. Can you confirm you are using a limit setting .limit()? That could be the issue.


Yes, I have a limit of 10000 set:

    .graph("Geo Map")
    .set("center", [41.89993389986195, -87.63270862850001])
    .set("zoom", 18)


I was checking the issue and I think I know what is the situation here: Initially you load the map with a limit of 10k rows (the max rows you can get). Those 10k values are distributed all over the map. In the Oak club location there are 4438 pins, but because initially the map is not filtered, it only loaded a few (12) in that location and the other 9988 rows are, as I said, distributed in other locations.

By applying a filter to that location only, suddenly there is room enough for the 4438 rows to be loaded since is below the 10k limit. I hope is clear for you.