Hide widget borders


I am using the Chartfactor Studio and it is a great tool to visualize data. The need to remove all the borders between charts came up a few days ago though. Is there a way I can do that?


Hi @Olivia_Jones , you can remove all the borders in Studio with just one click by using the “no borders” button. This button is located in the header (top right area) of the dashboard page. Here I show you a picture of the button:


Thanks for the quick response @arthur. I wonder if there is a way to also have no border in the CLI-generated app?


Hi @Olivia_Jones, yes, just remove borders from your dashboard, export it, and generate your app. The CLI tool will respect your configuration as shown in the picture below:


Hi @arturo, I just tried the CLI tool with my dashboard and it works as you mentioned, it looks awesome. Thanks.