Histogram Visualization not showing Bars


Hi guys, I am trying to use a histogram chart to visualize data with transaction amounts from 0 to 10 million. I am setting the interval parameter to 10 or 100 but I don’t see any bars. However if I set the interval to 100k then I see the bars but many intervals are skipped.


Hi @aldrid84, I’d be helpful if you provide the AQL for example or the steps to reproduce to have a better picture of the issue.

About what you mention of intervals being skipped, I think that it may be because there are no transactions for that interval. For example, if no transactions exist for the interval between $1000 and $1010, then no bar will be rendered for that interval. You can check this by using the Range Filter.


Well, its a simple histogram actually generated by ChartFactor Studio, I’m just modifying the interval value, but technically is like this:

const metric =  cf.Metric('amount', 'histogram').fixedBars(10);

cf.provider('Elastic Dev')

Btw, I tried your advice: I added a Range Filter and if I restrict the range, then data appears in the Histogram, but it seems to be a problem with a large amount of data.


I see, my guess is that if you are not able to see bars if it is unfiltered, it may be a combination of low interval value (10) and high max value (ie: 1 million), which would render 1 million very thin bars, Additinaly, the tallest bars will be for low transaction amounts, making the rest of the bars so small as to be invisible. You can confirm this by zooming the data so you can see the bars.

.set('dataZoom', true)

Also check which is the max value of your Y Axis to confirm this.


I actually run into a similiar problem once. ( or at least the one @eduardo mentioned) What I did was to add a limit to the visualization. In my case I noticed that the first bar was too high, like a couple of millions, making the rest too low (tallest was about 7k) and I was getting about 300 bars so they were so thin that looked as there was no data.

Add a limit of 10 or 20. Hope that helps