How to create a custom Card View to show raw data with a specific format


Hi all, I’m new in the community, and right now I am building a dashboard with some visualizations. There is a specific one that I want to be able to build, and it is something like a Card View. I know that ChartFactor has two visualizations which are Raw Data Table and Pivot Table, to display the data in rows as it comes from the data source.

In this case what I want to do is show the data in rows but with a card format, something like this:

My questions are, is there a recommended way to achieve this? What component or visualization should I use to have this interface and of course is it affected by filtering?


Hi @william.mason, ChartFactor provides a visualization named Data List, in which it’s possible to customize the display format of every element on the list.

Data List has the customItemRenderer property that allows you to achieve that, the value of that property is a function that renders your data. Take a look at the Data List documentation, and if you need any help don’t hesitate to ask us.


Thanks @juan.dominguez, that is exactly what I was looking for. With the customItemRenderer property I can build the card for every row of the Data List.