How to hide RDT fields


Hi guys, i’m using an RDT and elasticsearch provider, i’m not showing the id of the rows because i’ts a sequential value and i don’t need to see in the table, but my problem is that i need the id for some backend processes and i cannot add to the RDT Fields definition because it would be shown in the RDT and i don’t want it, my question is: is it possible to use the id in the RDT and not show it?


Hi @ivan95 maybe you should review the ag-grid docs and the chartFactor docs, in the chartFactor docs there is an interesting option to provide some ag-grid options to the RDT, take a look at ag-grid-custom-options


Hey @ivan95 maybe you can use the querying data syntax like this: Querying Data and include in this query the fields you need.


@sam Thanks It looks interesting, I never did something like that, but i don’t want to use an additional query, i want to use the same query that i’m using for the RDT and use the id in the execute:stop event, but the RDT definition doesn’t contain the ID field :pensive: :man_shrugging:


@sergioSan thanks, i’ll check it :man_technologist:


Hi @ivan95 you can use the field that you need and hide it in the RDT, for do that add the hide:true column option directly like this:

const idField = cf.Field('cat_id').fromJSON({ colOpts: { hide:true}})


@emoya thank you very much, it really helped me, :grinning: