How to to generate an app in Chartfactor Studio that is a composite of many apps


I have been generating apps using the “Generate web app” button in Studio. Is there a way to generate an app that is a composite of many apps?


Hi @oliver89, Yes, Studio allows you to do that. You need to be on the home page. Select one or more dashboards and then select the “Generate web apps” button on the top right. It generates a multi-tab application. For more information, please visit the Chartfactor documentation related with this matter.


That’s great. I am trying to move the dashboards for my multi-tab app to a single folder. However, the drag-drop features doesn’t work for me because the folder is at the top and my dashboard is way at the bottom.


Do a right-click on the dashboard, select “move”, and then select the target folder.


Awesome, that worked!