Hypertext links in the raw data table


Hi community, I’m new to using cf-toolkit and I’m developing a React application that includes the cf-toolkit, but I have a question: is it possible to include hypertext links in the raw data table data? It’s a simple question, but to be completely honest I don’t know how to do that :cry:.


Hi @dani I understand that in RDT it’s possible to use custom ag-grid options, maybe you can use a configuration like a custom cell renderer included in ag-grid.


@dani the best option for you is to use the RDT cell format explained just right here: RDT cell format, maybe you need something like this:

const formatter = {
    fields: 'jira_field',
    format: function (field, value) {
        return {value: `<a href="https://jira_link.com" target="_blank">${value}
                    </a>` };
let myChart = myData.graph("Raw Data Table")
      .set('cellFormat', formatter)


@emoya Yes is just that i wanted, thanks. :grinning: