IManager is not correctly filtering the data in the widgets with a different source provider


At the moment I am dealing with a React application in which I am using some widgets that contain different providers. I also have an Interaction Manager to control the filters of my dashboard.

I know ChartFactor supports multi-source for the visualizations, but my problem is that when I am applying a dynamic filter (selecting an element in a bar chart), only the widgets that belong to that source and that provider filter the data, not being the case with the other provider’s widgets.

How can I make the filters apply to all visualizations?


Hi @peter.lomen, yes, Chartfactor supports multi-source for the visualizations and the Interaction Manager has the capability to filter all of them even if they are from different sources or providers.

I think that in your scenario, the problem could be that you have different names in each data source for the filtered field. Take a look at the Multisource filtering forum entry related to this issue, it’s very well explained and I’m sure you’ll find the answer.

You can also visit the Custom Metadata documentation for more info about this topic.

Hope it helps.


Hi @juan.dominguez, this matter has been very well explained in the shared thread, I think that I am already understanding much better how the Interaction Manager works.

Thanks a lot.