Integration in third party applications


Hello, I am evaluating different possibilities of data visualization tools to be included in our applications, I would like to know how configurable ChartFactor Toolkit is to integrate it into the logic and the look and feel of our application, if we can use it and extend it without cost and what kind of support we would have in case of finding a setback. Thanks.


Hi @john , I think you are looking into the right place because ChartFactor Toolkit (CFT) is made with the purpose of being used by clients’ specifics applications, it is front-end framework agnostic so you can use it from Angular, React, Vue, etc. A good example of CFT being used in a React application is the React Demo in the live demos section of the documentation or ChartFactor Studio which is React based too. We are adding more examples with others fornt-end libraries. CFT supports custom themes and color palettes allowing to customize the look and feel of your application. You can review the Color Page of the documentation, and you can use the events of the specifics charts to connect with the logic of your application (see Event Page on the documentation). You can use the Community version of the library without cost. With it you can create as many applications as you want and “extend the functionalities” in your application code as long as the original library is not modified. The Community version is limited in visualizations and providers, and support is provided through this forum. Standard and Enterprise clients have direct support, they can request bug fixes and even include new providers. You can read the benefits of each plan in the Download Page. Let us know any question.

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You can even go beyond: ChartFactor allows you to extend it by creating your own visualizations (from a simple html table to a more complex using a chart libraries) and plug them easily in your application. This is not yet in the documentation but you can reach us to know more.