Local demo with google bigquery not working


Hi everyone. I’m pretty new to this. I’ve been playing with ChartFactor in the last few days following some examples. One thing I’ve been stuck with is that I’m having a small html page with one chart that is using google bigquery as a data provider. When I open the index.html file in the browser I never get the authentication form as I do in the Studio.

I’m not a programmer per se (just an enthusiast), so maybe I’m missing something to make it work. Studio is not in my local laptop but in a test server in my company.


I think that for Bigquery you need to move the html (i mean the app, js, css…) to a web server and access it from there. You can not just open the html file in a browser.


Thanks, @gen_dev, I asked our devop to move the app to the server.


You can setup you own web server. No need to ask your devop everytime. Take a look at mongoose or if you have python installed in your computer running python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000 in your terminal will work.