Map Draw Tool Complex shapes


Hey guys! I need to draw a semi circle in a heatmap layer. Is that possible? I tried creating a shape with a lot of points but I need it to be precise. This is my map so far.


Hello there!

When using the Draw Tool, you have access to three distinct shapes for filtering purposes. To create a semi-circle filter, you can apply a shape or bounds filter to the specific half of the circle you wish to filter. When you do this, ChartFactor will automatically introduce a new filter using an AND statement. This means that you’ll be filtering data that falls within both the circle and the other selected shape, effectively giving you a semi-circle filter.

One important thing to keep in mind is to assign unique names to each filter. If you don’t, they might overwrite each other when you create new filters in the future. So, make sure to give your filters distinct names to avoid any conflicts down the line.


That’s awesome, it worked fine. Thanks you so much!