Map not showing some countries


Hi everyone. I’ve created a world vector map to display some metrics for countries that we’ve in our database. When the chart is rendered there are a couple of countries that don’t get any color like USA for example.

My first though was that the selected metric was 0 for those countries but is not the case. Also I’ve created a Bars grouped by countries using the same metrics and they’ve showed up. Do I need to specify something else than .set('shape', 'world') in the map declaration?


Hi @jasouvec, the reason is probably that the country names in your dataset don’t match with the out of the box country names in the world shape. For example USA is registered as United States. You can take a look to the full list of names here .


Hi, thanks for the answer @eduardo. Well, that seems to be the reason, but now I have another question: Is there a way to map these out of the box values with the values I have in the datasource? My first intention was to modify the data but is a lot, plus that we have other datasources with similar data.


Hi @jasouvec, take a look at the derived fields. They are the perfect fit for this case. Since there are only a few countries that don’t match with the Vector Map you will only need to check those.