Metadata in Studio


I have 2 providers defined in ChartFactor Studio, I’ve created already an application using one of the providers. For that application I’ve defined simple metadata for labels and types.

Now I’m creating a second application and it uses that same provider (so the metadata is also defined). But when I go to the metadata window, and then select the same provider, it is empty. Is this normal or a bug? Do I have to define again the metadata?


The metadata is defined at application level, not at Studio level so the short answer is yes.

Most of the time, even if you use the same provider, you will define a completely different metadata within it for the app you’re working on at that moment. This makes that all the metadata used in that app is clean and only contains what is related to it. When you are exporting your apps as .cfs files, these files will also contain only that metadata. If we take in mind that Studio uses the local storage it also makes sense since every app has its own information.