Need to execute the `` command again in order to see a new defined dataframe


Hi ChartFactor team, first of all, I am delighted with the release of the ChartFactor Py tool announced in this post. I installed the package using the pip command, and I am running it in a Jupyter Lab environment.

Now, I have a notebook in which I am using chartfactor studio to create some widgets from different dataframes in a dashboard. But, when importing a new .csv file into a new dataframe, I have to run the cell containing the'My dashboard') command again in order to see the new dataframe in the Data Sources modal which is a little bit annoying. Any workaround will be appreciated.


Hi @oliver89 , the solution for that is very easy. There is an option in the modal to refresh the data sources. Take a look at the following image:

You can define the dataframes in any cell and then hit the refresh button to list them.


Hi @juan.dominguez, thank you so much, that was easy, didn’t realize :man_facepalming:. Thanks!