Raw data table cell format


Hello guys, i was looking at the documentation and trying to find some examples about how to turn cells in links that you can click an go to other page with some related information, but i didn’t see anything like that, so my question is: is it posible to format cells like a link?


Actually there is a way to do it and in this document you can see the sintax of that solution, but let me show you an example:

const formatter = {
    fields: 'company-id',
    format: (field, value) => {
        return {value: `<div><a href="https://www.mypage.com/${value}">${value}</a></div>`}

.set('cellFormat', formatter)

So give it a try and let me know


Thank you so much, actually I tried and it works good for me, I just didn’t know that I can use html as a string, so I think that makes the table powerful.