Raw data Table custom color for histograms in column stats


Hello guys, i need to set a different color config for each histogram in the column stats, so my question is: there is an easy way to do that?


@dani yes, and actually you can review the column-statistics Docs, and use the widgetProps to set some custom widget props, like this:

const myCustomColor = cf.Color();

.set("columnStats", {
    enabled: true,
    widgetProps: [
            field: 'trip_start_timestamp',
            props: {
                color: myCustomColor


Hey @emoya it worked super well for me, was really easy actually, but i have one more question, is it posible to do the same but in a general way?, i mean, only one config for all the column stats, is it posible?


Not at the moment but, thanks for the feedback we are going to talk about it :+1:t3: