Raw Data Table rows to csv


I am using the CSV download option that is now available in all widgets which is very handy. However, when I use it on the Raw Data Table, I only get 100 rows. Is there a way to get any amount greater than that, for example 2000 rows?


Hi @gen_dev. In the Raw Data Table you can use the .limit(qty) method to define the number of rows that you want to receive. If no limit is specified then the default value will be 100 as you noticed, so that’s what you need to bring more rows:

.graph('Raw Data Table')


Thanks, it was as simple as that. I noticed the limit from other visualizations but this is usually applied to the attributes not to the visualizations.


Hi @eduardo, another question (I preferred to post here since is related instead of opening a new thread), I was playing with the limit but not matter what limit I use, it doesn’t affect the Raw Data Table, in the sense that I keep scrolling and it keeps bringing more rows. The csv on the other hand has exaclty the amount of rows as specified in the limit. Is this ok?


Yes, the Raw Data Table uses an infinite scrolling model so that it will keep querying data as the user scrolls. The size of the data is what the limit actually represents. As I mentioned by default is 100 but it will use whatever limit you specify. In other words is more like a page size.