RDT - cell click instead of the whole row clicks


Hi community friends, i need your help, in this case what i am trying to do now is to capture the RDT cell click event. Right now my whole row clicks instead of just a cell. I will appreciate any help that you can give me to achieve this.



Hi @joseph90, regarding how to handle click events on a table cell rather than on a table row, you could use the ag-grid onCellClicked event.


const customOpts = {
	onCellClicked: (event) => {

// Then in your RDT config add this line
.set('customOpts', customOpts)

Please see the related chartfactor’s documentation, for more information about this requirement.

I hope this can help you.


Aah thanks @juan.dominguez! seems like i am getting the concepts and understand the visual components better.