RDT column stats custom properties


Hey guys, i have a big question about the new feature columnStats, so i have a RDT with the column stats enabled and the height of the column statistics row is 170, but for this height the slicers in the column statistics looks like empty because of the empty space in the UI, like this:

Mi question is: there is a way to show that in a nicer way?


Hey @jessica , actually there is a property for that, it allows you to set your custom number of rows in the slicer using the limit, the ranges are going to be calculated according to the provided limit:

.set("columnStats", {
    enabled: true,
    widgetProps: [
            field: 'Annual avg_ hours worked',
            props: {
                limit: 7


Hey @emoya, thank you so much, actually i used 9 in the limit and it looks great! like this:


Great!, just remember that in the documentation you can see how to use custom properties for the column statistics RDT column-statistics