RDT resize column on demand


Hi, I have an app with React using the Chartfactor toolkit, so I just want to ask if is there a way to resize a single column when I need to?, i mean programmatically.


Hey actually i use the ag-grid instance using this:

const visualization = cf.getVisualization('my-rdt');
const gridOptions = visualization._visualization.gridOptions
// gridOptions.api
// gridOptions.columnApi

Then you can use the api or the columnApi, that’s the way i do it, hope this help you


Hey, you know what?, you can use a new function exposed in the RDT called autosizeColumn you can autosize a column using its name

const visualization = cf.getVisualization('my-rdt');
const autosizeFunc = visualization.get('autosizeColumn');
autosizeFunc('my-column', true);

There are more params for this function, just take a look a the link and use it as you need.


Hey Guys sorry for the late response and thanks you really help me, i use the exposed RDT functions and it works super well :grinning: