Real-Time not working


Hi ChartFactor team. I am using ChartFactor with Elasticsearch to create a real-time dashboard that we plan to display on a big screen with the incremental activity of the day. The dashboard is pretty simple right now, with the interaction manager, a KPI, time slider, and a couple of bar charts, both grouped by @timestamp. However, there may be an issue with real-time functionality because I don’t see the bar charts updated when I play the data.


Hi @frank , could you provide details on how the charts and the time slider are configured?


Hi @arturo, sure. I am grouping the bars by the same timestamp field with “minute” granularity. The time slider is configured to use the same timestamp field and to play “today” as a time window. I also used the time slider’s “Pin left” option to show an incremental time window of today. However, the bar charts don’t update when I play the data.


Hi @frank, on the configuration of the bar charts, since you are grouping by timestamp, I assume you are also sorting by that same timestamp to show the trend. Please also make sure the limit is set to 1500 to cover all minutes in a day.
My guess is that your bar charts are limited to 10 which is the default. However, since you are pinning the left handle on the time slider for an incremental time window, you will have new bars for every additional minute. If the chart is limited to the first 10, no new bars would show after that.


Hi @arturo, that was exactly my problem. I changed the limit and it works perfectly, thanks for your help