Sankey highlight


Hi, I am using the Sankey diagram and it looks great on my dashboard. However, I’d like to highlight the nodes that are getting in and out of the node I am hovering. How I can do that if it is possible?


Hi @Joseph , actually Sankey supports highlighting nodes. You just need to set the hoverFocus option in the chart declaration. Quick note, Sankey’s default behavior is to only highlight the node that you are currently hovering.


Hi guys, I want to do something similar on my Sankey chart. Reading this entry I see how to highlight all the in and out nodes. There is a way to only highlight the connections to the child nodes?


Hi @Adam, absolutely, just use the same hoverFocus option I suggested to @Joseph and set it to outEdges. Find more information here


Reading the Adam’s entry, I want to do the same but only highlight a node and their parents. That is possible too?


Hi @Olivia_Jones, just set hoverFocus option to inEdges and you’ll see parent nodes highlight. An example in the follow picture: