Some doubts about the architecture


Hi guys, new around here. The startup I work for is looking for a BI tool, and we’ve come across many of them. ChartFactor however called my attention on one particular item: that is serverless. My question is: serverless is that it doesn’t truly need any backend support/deployment? or is it more like a SaaS? How is the data connection then supported? Is it all in the client side then?


Hi @anderson. About your question, the short answer is yes: ChartFactor is a serverless BI tool composed by a set of libraries (the core, visualizations and providers) that are loaded on the client side. From these libraries of course the only one required is the core, the rest depend on what set of visualizations and provider(s) are going to be used.

The data connection is handled by the providers libraries depending on the data source to use and if is one of the supported providers.


I was confused since one of the first thing I saw the ChartFactor Studio which looks like a SaaS to me. But reading further I see is a different product than ChartFactor Toolkit, say something like Elastic and Kibana, am I right? And of course I don’t need Studio to use the Toolkit.


ChartFactor Studio is a tool that acts as a container for the ChartFactor Toolkit that allows you to build and set up applications (dashboards) easily and fast so you don’t have (if you don’t need it) to develop your own web application. If you need though, then you just use the Toolkit.

ChartFactor Studio can be hosted in any web server, and doesn’t need any special requirements since is only HTML, CSS and JS, so no need for databases, server languages or anything like that.