Sort Pivot using more than one column


Hi, well basically that: If I can sort the Pivot Table using more than one column. The thing is that I lose the column sort as soon as I click on another column header. Is it possible to sort using more than one column?


Hey @zack, click as usual on the first column header you want to sort by, then with the Shift key pressed, you can click the other columns headers in the order you need. Works in the same way for the Raw Data Table If I’m not wrong.


Just shif + click on the headers. I think there is a way to also specify the sort by multiple columns in the aql but not sure, haven’t look into it.


Thanks guys, sometimes simplicity escapes our sight lol. By the way @gen_dev: I found what you mentioned about the sort via AQL: Is really useful since the sort can be persisted and the user does not need to click everytime.

I also realized about this because when I started clicking the Pivot Header in Studio, it turns out that this sort code is automatically generated in the visualization code!! Pretty smart in my opinion so we don’t have to manually set it ourselves.