Static column in the Raw data table


Hello guys, i need your help with something, i have a Raw data table and i need to keep the first column static to the left and immovable, so users cannot drag and drop that column, can you help me with an example of that case?


Well @ivan95, there are two things that you can use, the first one is the column-pinning feature for pi the column to the left, like this:

.set('columnPinning', [
  { field: 'my_field', position:'left' }  

And the second one is the suppress-movable feature, so the column is not movable, like this:

// Block the movement of the column 1
.set('suppressMovable', [
    {field: 'column_1', movable: false}


Looks very simple, and actually it worked for me, thank you so much, just the las question, and it, can i do this dynamically?, i mean in real time?


Actually we don’t have a function for that but you can access to the ag-grid instance to use the ag-grid functions using this: