Streaming near real time


I was reading about the release notes for the 1.11 version and I one of the coolest thing I can’t wait to put my hands on is the streaming feature. I always wanted to do something with that. But there’s something I didn’t fully get: , “…streaming data in near real-time across all data providers”.

I mean what is “near real-time” for you? Sounds like streaming with some delay but that is still real time.


That’s right, our new time slider component, introduced with our 1.11 release, includes a player with a “live” mode feature. When this mode is selected, the data player keeps moving into current time after it’s done playing historical data. It is “near real-time” because it uses a pull strategy to bring the latest as data keeps landing on a store such as Elasticsearch. The refresh interval, which is configurable, determines how soon new data is reflected in the visualizations, by default 1 second.

On the other hand, we call our ksql data provider “real-time” because it is event-driven, events are reflected in the visualizations as they arrive. ChartFactor allows users to visualize streaming data using these two approaches.