Support for other SQL providers


Hi everyone, I was wondering if you are planning to provide support to other providers like mysql or sql server any time in the future?


For the moment we have no plan to include these providers. Since CF Toolkit is a compound of visualizations and analytics libraries, the supported providers are also focused on search and analytics as well (Google BigQuery, Elasticseach…).

If you use any other data engine, I could recommend you three things:

  1. You can have scripts / processes that index data from different data engines to Elasticsearch to be used as a provider since this is one of the fastest search and analytics engine out there. Usually these are a single python script that does all the job.

  2. Use the special provider CF Node which can be used as a gateway between ChartFactor and any data backend. The user will have to provide the logic to connect to the backend.

  3. If it is a special case that you may need, You can contact us to see how we can help you.


The scripts sounds as a good idea, also the fastest in my mind. I think that I’m going to give it a try to the cf node provider, maybe it can be used for others. Thanks @eduardo