Text Search - apply the text filter only for RDT


Hi there, I have an app with several visualizations, and I’m not using an interaction manager at all, because in this case I don’t need to interact with visualizations and filters. I have a Text Search and what I’m needing is that when a search is performed, this one only applies for the RDT visualization. Any guidance?


Hi @developer_tree I think that could be useful if you take a look to the Events section in the chartfactor documentation, there is a textfilter event for the Text Search visualization. :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @developer_tree, In this case as @wrulh88 said you can use the textfilter event to achieve this. I think that the piece of code below could help you with your issue.

let ts = cf.provider('Provider_Name')
          .graph('Text Search')
    	  .on('textfilter', function(event){
            var expression = event.data;
            // Get all the visuals
            var charts = cf.getAllVisualizations();
            // Apply the expression to them.
            // Here we can add any validation we want like sources, chart names...
                if (c._chartType === 'Raw Data Table')			

Hope this could help you.