Vector map drill-in from countries to state


Hi, I have a world vector map that shows data for different countries. I also have data for the states of some of those countries and I would like to drill-in when a filter for the selected country is applied. I understand how to do drill-ins on bar charts is it possible to change the shape of my vector map on drill-in as well?


Hi @lennydev, you can take a look at the documentation on how to configure drill hierarchies shape based visualizations.

As you will see there, you can also configure the zoom level and center, so it won’t only change shapes, but also it will reposition according to the selected area.


Thanks, @eduardo! Really helpful. One more question. Does charfactor come with other shapes? If so, how could I use them?


Chartfactor includes two geojson files out-of-the-box for the vector map: “world” and “usa”. You can also provide your own GeoJSON files such as the ones downloaded from a search in google.

how could I use them?

You meant if they were within ChartFactor right? In any case check the doc on how to use custom areas here