Very slow visualizations with BigQuery


Hi, I’m doing some tests trying to render some visualizations with Google BigQuery from a custom source, they are finally rendered but sometimes they take literally minutes to be displayed. I have to say that I’m no expert in BigQuery so I would like to double check if for this provider I need something else.


Google BigQuery is definitely not the fastest, but not nearly as slow as you mention it.

I strongly believe is not a ChartFactor issue. We’ve tested with heavy queries and the response time is completely acceptable. Something else is once the query is cached, the response is even faster.

What I noticed here is that you’re using a custom datasource. How did you upload/create this source? Have you tried querying directly the source in the BigQuery UI?


Just as an update, I tried your advice @eduardo, and it turns out that the queries were also very slow. I did some research and It turns out that querying from a source stored in Google Drive is not the best option when the source is not small. I changed to Google Storage instead and now it works as expected.