Visualize JSON data


Hi, all. Is there a quick way to visualize a JSON file (or JSON data) directly into a Bars visualization with ChartFactor? We can index the data in elastic since we are using that provider, but I was wondering just in case.


Hi @lennydev. We don’t support directly loading a file into a visualization for the moment. If you don’t want to index your data into Elastic or upload it to BigQuery you can parse it to ChartFactor understandable data format, (see here) that then you can inject into several visualizations.


So I will have to build the final data that is going to be used by the visualization right? In this case I lost the power of the AQL here. I think it will be better to index the data and then use Elastic.


The main purpose of the custom data solution is to display data that you’ve obtained from a different source or that you already have prepared and/or there is no data provider support for it. We encourage you to use a data provider everytime is possible.