Visuals not being filtered


Hi everyone, I’m pretty new at this so I’m trying to find my way into it lol.

I have a couple of visuals that I managed to display in a standalone html page, following the quick start. All of them belong to the same provider and data source. When I click in one of the bars nothing happens, I was expecting them to be filtered based on the value I clicked. I’m pretty sure that I’m missing something but just don’t know what it is.


Hi @keith, before giving you an answer I need to ask:

  • What package and version of the Toolkit are you using?
  • If using the enterprise version, did you include the Interaction Manager?
  • If you included the Interaction Manager, does it has the .execute() ?


The Interaction Manager of course!, Yes, I’m using the enterprise version and no, I didn’t include the Interaction Manager, as soon as I did, it all worked. Now as curiosity… There’s no way to do that if I were using other version but the enterprise right?


Yes. It is possible to filter all your visuals and manage the state of the app by yourself. It can be achieved by using different events triggered by the visuals, for example ‘click’, ‘afterprocess’, etc… You can learn more about events here and take a look at a filtering demo using these events here.