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Hi guys, I refreshed the Studio page right after applying a filter and I don’t see the filter applied on the refreshed page. How “save” works in Studio?


Hi @Joseph, the way Studio works is that it “auto-saves” when you change your dashboard application. For example, when you edit or move a widget, Studio automatically saves those changes. The save feature has a debounce function to avoid saving multiple times when let’s say you are resizing a widget. This means that there is a short time after you make your changes where your changes are not saved. For this reason, it is highly recommended to wait for 2-3 seconds after you apply a filter or modify your dashboard before navigating to a different page or refreshing your Studio page. Dashboard auto-saving is greatly improved in our upcoming Dec 2019 release.


Why not to have a simple “Save” button so the user can save whenever he wants?. Can I prevent the Studio from automatically saving? What happens then if I have an application that I start modifying but then I want to revert back? In this case I will have to manually put back all again.


Hi @william. The auto-save for Studio is a feature that we’ve identified as very useful and it has been requested by several users. In general it prevents the user from loosing work after spending time in customizations due to an external problem like unintentionally closing the browser tab, a reload, reboot or any other type of issue.

Now, there are two main resources you can use for creating “checkpoints” or saving work that you may want to go back to:

  1. Use the export/import feature: If you reach a state where you want to save your work you can simply export your app and that’s it. You can export it any time and assign a different name (or rewrite the existing) so you can have a history of that app if you want.

  2. Duplicate the widget you want to modify (click the duplicate icon in the widget header) so you keep a copy of it if you don’t wan’t to save the dashboard yet just because of that widget.

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